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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Guilty as charged.

Well, the witch is back and Favre is still in our faces. American society and culture has evolved into a system where celebrity behavior crosses over all barriers of decency. This reality TV environment has so diluted what is truly important in our land, that we have become a country that fails to hold its more famous citizens accountable for their actions. Chrinstine O'Donnell, former tea party favorite and dabbler in witchcraft had her 5 minutes of fame. During this period, she amassed sums of money that she could only imagine, as supporters funded her campaign. Now she is being investigated for improper use of these funds. Her reaction, typical, and I is a thug political thing...My enemies are behind it...Think about this, she lost big, became a fool and is likely to go the route of her mentor into the world of entertainment. She has had no real impact on the political discourse and has no real power base. Why, therefore, would there be a witch hunt (hee hee) against her? I am not in the know and I have no proof one way or another, but I do have common sense. Guilty as charged. As for Favre, who continues to be in our face with his ridiculous and non stop career ending talk and return, a man who may have had some skills on the field, but has become a mockery to his fans and detractors alike. I just wish he would go back to Mississippi and do some fishin. You are history Mr. Favre. You are also a man who gives the gender a bad name. Your contemptable behavior is worth a greater punishment than the pittance of the fine that the weak kneed NFL just levied. Their investigation of you was a sham and I am ashamed at their actions, almost as much as yours. Guilty as charged Mr. Favre. Go home please. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's football stupid

I like Governor Ed Rendell, but his objection to the the cancellation of a football game due to the blizzard would be humorous if he wasn't so serious. Living in New Jersey and still digging out from the storm, I can attest to the fact that the safety of masses of people needs to be at the top of our priority list at all times. So what if the NFL Macho non wusse policy during its history was turned upside down for this game. So what, that Philly only received a foot of snow instead of the more dire predictions. This was the right decision and I only blog about it because as a politician and loyal Democrat, Rendell is amongst the best in the party and I would expect him to pick a better fight. Comparing us to China, a communist country with 5 times the population is silly. As far as their fans "doing calculus on the way to the game", that is a different story. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Peace and Joy to All

During the holiday season it is important to be thankful for that which we have and hopeful for a future filled with peace and joy. As our new Government is sworn in, let us hope that they can work on behalf of the people and become shining examples of what is important....not bickering and hatefulness and power grabbing, but job creation, civility, sharing and responsibility. Only then will we be the kind of nation that lives by it's principles. Happy Holiday. Peace and Joy to all. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Laugh out loud funny

Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona said today as a result of the successful vote to bring the START treaty to the floor that Democrats were being partisan. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...Let me catch my breath. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cold War Revisited

As of this blog, I feel skeptical that the 67 needed Senators for passage of a treaty will be rounded up. Reducing our stockpile of weapons of mass destruction as well as Russia's just ain't in the hearts of the partisan hatemongers in the Senate. All because the Republican leader is such a complete, unadulterated schmuck. He and others in his party are bringing up cold war issues and disapproving on the grounds of decades past. I know, in their hearts, they support this treaty. It is just a manufactured fear tactic to simply continue with their efforts to embarrass the President. Mitch McConnell has become the personal whipping boy for my blog, but in my life, following politics, I don't remember a more partisan, vindictive and mean spirited man than he. Merry Christmas Senator McConnell. You aren't even worth my time. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One win, one loss, one to go.

Let's forget the new poster boy for nasty on the Republican side, Jon Kornyn for a moment who had the audacity to say yesterday that Republicans have heard the call from America and have used their power as a minority to exercize restraint on deficit spending, one day after passing a bill to expand the deficit by almost 900 billion. Let us forget the crotchety old grinch of a Senator, John McCain, who has said that letting gays have the same liberties as all other Americans willing to fight and die for his freedom, isn't a good thing and will disrupt our war policies against a cacophony of disagreement from better men than he. Let us forget for a moment the innocent college age American who as an infant was brought to the United States illegally by their parents in an effort to have a better life. Regrettably, these folks will have to remain outcasts in their own country because of the mean spiritedness of politicians for an indeterminate amount of time. This was a great loss, not passing the DREAM Act..shameful in fact. We did get a win however, a final recognition that sexual orientation does not exclude you from the guaranteed liberties we as Americans all have. The repeal of DADT was a good moment for liberty and equality. Now, lastly, as the days toward the holiday break come closer, our illustrious Senate must decide whether less nuclear explosive capability by the two largest stockpilers of weapons of mass destruction is good for the world or bad for the world. Let us see if these Merry Gentlemen and Women can break the tie and start the new year on a safer footing. Let's just see. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Friday, December 17, 2010

I can hear it already.

In a moment of bipartisanship and in time for the holiday, Congress passed the tax bill. There are Christmas tree ornaments for both parties and for all Americans. There is also an ever increasingly large bill to pay down the road. If this helps to stimulate the economy and put people to work, it will all have been worth it despite the wrangling. However, politicians in our country do not do anything solely for the people. They do it out of spite, jealousy, power and re-election. I can hear the new Congress now....Republicans- "look at what President Obama did. Another spending bill that increased the debt by over 800 billion dollars. Those Democrats never saw a spending bill they didn't like"....Democrats- "look at what those Republicans in the Congress did. Held the government hostage for another break for the rich fat cats in this country. Those country club Republicans continue to have their let them eat cake attitude. Shame on them." Yes, I can hear it all now. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Petulant little babies

I am a teacher and every day I listen and observe the normal adolescent actions of my students. For them, this often childish behavior is normal and part of the growth process. When I come home, however, and watch my government act like petulant little high school students not getting their way, I could explode. As I write this blog, the Senate has passed the tax compromise bill. After months of stupid and unnecessary wrangling, something finally got done in terms of compromise. The House members, not ready to act like responsible adults, instead are looking to stroke their own egos, looking to make a statement before the power base changes, and trying to find face saving measures so that they can seem relevant. They risk the whole bill by their incredibly immature actions. Their suggestions about the inheritance tax and perhaps derailing the best part of the bill, the payroll tax reduction is not only stupid, it is downright immature. It is a lot to ask, but we need them to grow up and pass the bill. Enough of this torture. Our founders built in checks and balances as well as vehicles to slow government down, but they would be embarrassed by what they see today. Good thing they are dead. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He just can't help it.

Senator McConnell just cannot help himself. This arrogant, insensitive, and fanatically partisan Republican will not go a day without criticizing Democrats. Even during a rare moment of bi partisan compromise. Yesterday the Senate took a test vote 83 to 13 to support the tax bill. 70 percent of us as I blogged yesterday support it. McConnell ignored the moment and took to the floor to bloviate against Democrats. He vehemently criticized them for spending and raising the deficit. He practically called them liars when he said it was never their intent to use rich people tax reductions to reduce the deficit. While this awful man chose to ingnore the new and temporary spirit of comity, long forgotten in the Senate, he amazingly supported a program about to grow our deficit by 900 billion dollars. That is OK because it is for the rich. Mitch McConnell continues to represent everything that is bad about our government and is a man who frankly I cannot understand how he lives with himself. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Monday, December 13, 2010

70 percent

When is the last time America supported anything at 70%? We have become such a polarized nation, that a one percent majority is considered a mandate. With 41 being the new Senate working number and with popularity in the high 50s seeming insurmountable these days, a 70 percent support of anything seems highly unusual. So, we should seize this moment of bipartisanship and get something done. It ain't perfect, there is a lot I do not like about the compromise and if I was in charge, I would have tried for certain things that are not included. However, this is why it is called a compromise. So let us have our Congress stop the bickering for a moment, listen to the people and go vote for compromise. Maybe then we can move ahead to face the battles that lay before us. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Yesterday while Senator Sanders was holding his near filibuster on the floor of the Senate, President Obama addressed the media with former President Bill Clinton by his side. Then, in something that seemed amazing to me at first, the President gave the stage to Clinton and left to attend a party. The former President answered questions on matters of economics, the current tax compromise and other issues as well. As usual, William Jefferson Clinton wowed us. He spoke in less professorial terms than is the custom of the President and loved every minute being back on the center stage. My initial feelings of Obama weakness went out the window when I realized that this was actually a very smart strategy. Bill Clinton still reaches the hearts and souls of moderate Democrats. He has more Presidential experience than Obama does and as Abraham Lincoln proved to the world, surrounding yourself with expertise no matter what the previous adversarial history of your advisors is just good sense. President Obama by seeking counsel from the most skillful politician of our time is not allowing his ego or the comments of a voracious media to rule him. It does not matter who we learn from as long as we learn and if the President believes he can win on the merits by using an elder statesman, good for him. The angry and petulant Congress will come around soon enough. After all, they want to go home and wrap some presents. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Bitchy Mood

Yes I am in a bitchy mood today. It starts with my party's House members who are strutting their stuff and trying to prove relevancy. The President supports a bill to extend UE benefits, give college tuition tax credits, lower everyone's payroll tax and keep every single American from seeing a tax increase in January. Sounds like a Democratic plan to me and they are threatening and whining because of process. They will vote no...stall it, hold out for some relatively insignificant change, boast about it and move on to their holiday break while trying to forget the reality of their diminished numbers and clout come January. Don't give us any crap that the current proposal kills the deficit because neither party could care one iota for deficit reduction as long as the increase of it, fits their politics of the moment. As for the Republicans they have stalled the liberites of gays, stalled if not killed support for 9-11 responders and have shut down a chance at real nuclear stability by their abuse of the filibuster. To equate equal rights for all with a tax bill is hateful, contemptable and true to their colors of lying, distorting and cheating our nation. As far as the President is concerned, he is appropriately taking the Truman approach. I paraphrase [you can get much more done if you don't worry about getting credit]. No wonder Congress is more and more unpopular with Americans each day. Let us not confuse the anger of last month with a substantial shift or dedication to policy or ideas. Both sides stink and if they don't correct the stench of their incompetence, we will swing the other way again. This continuous bickering and partisan hate will hurt us more than any of us can imagine. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

True Colors

Two of our nation's political celebrities were heard from yesterday. The witch from Delaware and the Alaskan Shark. Both were outraged at President Obama's tax deal.....not the Republicans mind you. What were they griping about? Extension of unemployment benefits. They loved the tax breaks for the wealthy probably because their lucrative book deals will put them in the company of the wealthy. People, these women are an embarrassment to our nation and totally incapable of coherence or logic or intellectual curiosity or plain competence. Their true colors as celebrity wannabees are ever more evident. Forget about shutting down wiki leaks, we need to shut these two idiots and those of their kind, down. Not by censorship or denial of their rights to speak, but simply by not listening. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's the middle class...stupid

All this noise about Presidential weakness and poor negotiation skills by members of his own party simply does not make any sense. Most people, frustrated or angry as they may be, believe that helping the middle class and the unemployed is a good thing. These are traditional beliefs of the Democratic Party. Our President has worked out a compromise package soon to be voted on that includes protecting tax rates from rising for all of us to include the 98% that the Democrats wanted to protect. It includes college tax credits. It includes a reduction in the payroll tax meaning an actual increase in take home pay and it includes an extension in unemployment benefits. These are Democratic issues, issues that are foundational for Democrats. So the rich get to keep their money too. I may not like that portion of the deal, but a deal means wins and losses for each side. This compromise while not perfect, represents aspects of stimulation for the economy, tax policies which lead to no one getting an increase in taxes and something that I would happily campaign on if I were running for office. First Republicans wouldn't give the President a win on anything and now his own party won't. Not too smart. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Deficit?

The President and the Republican Party have announced a tax compromise. It will increase the deficit by an amount approximately the same size as the much maligned stimulus bill. I guess the Republicans only hate deficit spending when it helps cops, teachers, infrastructure repair, help to the states and other important and needed economic growth opportunities. When it comes to helping those in least need of help, then deficit increases are fine. Therefore, in principle, it has nothing to do with the deficit and frankly for all the yelling and screaming we do about it, most of us do not even understand it. What are the tea party activists saying today knowing that they will willingly go along with raising it even though they will spin it as not their's the lame duck Congress. My party, the Democrats are blaming the President for being weak. They are probably in large numbers going to vote against this compromise, not derailing it, but making a point. In a country where slogans and easy to understand concepts rule, the bottom line is that I would rather say on the campaign trail that I supported helping all Americans than saying I helped most, but not all because of the wealthy not needing the help and blah blah blah. Taxes are not going up for anyone. Unemployed are being helped. Social Security Tax is reduced. Run on that. Shut up about the deficit because no one really cares. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Sunday, December 5, 2010



Friday, December 3, 2010

Chicken Crap

So what we have gotten, is the eloquence and intellect of John Boehner our new speaker. A man who cannot put two coherent thoughts together and make an ounce of sense. A man who is only as good as the recently rehearsed Republican spin. A man who is so intent on forcing Democrats to lose, that he resorts to nonsense, stupidity and gobbly gook. Chicken Crap...the best he can do? What a damn shame. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Reminder

Today I want to remind readers of the kinds of people we have in our government that sadly put themselves before their country. Two in particular come to mind today and are both in the Senate. One is Mitch McConnell, minority leader who I have condemned before. He is so hateful and resistent toward President Obama that he has instructed his minions of scared Republican sheep to be lockstep in their resistence to the President. Even Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins from Maine, somewhat sensible at times, fear going against their dictator. The result is an abuse of the power that the minority has sparingly wielded in the past through filibuster but now uses as much as eating and sleeping, now threatening to derail compromise, progress and growth. McConnell is refusing to support tax relief for 98 percent of Americans solely to embarrass the President and to protect the rich, the hallmark view of the Republican party. He has instructed his flunkies, one in particular, Jon Kyl from Arizona,to keep the sheep in line and to hit all the network news programs arguing against a peaceful and safe reduction in nuclear arms between Russia and the U.S. Every credible past Republican Cabinet member or high level military official supports this, but Kyl has been instructed by Mighty Mitch, to stall it. They will not under any circumstances give the President a victory. They put party and power ahead of their country. They and those like them are scoundrels of the worst sort. America did not vote for this last month. What they have gotten is one of the most shameful periods of our government where compromise is condemned, lies are repeated and all this during a time of real economic peril and global unrest. Unless my party, stands up and fights, changes the filibuster rule in the Rules committee, takes the issue of Middle Class relief to their own town halls, calls the Republican bluff, I too may join a party of NO. NO to my own failed, gutless Democratic Party. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's War

Yesterday, foolishly, President Obama again tried to work with Republicans who continue to bask in the election results of last month. The President would have you believe that the meeting yesterday was constructive and useful. Today, Mitch McConnell pulled the usual. No bills being allowed for discussion until taxes are addressed. Mitch McConnell has a sole goal. Defeat the President. Block him at every turn. No compromises. This is what you get Mr. Obama when you try to be conciliatory with the party of NO. Throw some elbows Mr. President. You have been taking a lot of elbows these days. Tough it out. Stand true to your principles. Scream to the breaks for millionaires or the middle class? Make that the issue or else your bruises may never heal. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?