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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013...A Year to Forget

I have been away from the blogosphere for a while, dealing with personal things. And who misses me anyway? I like to write, however, and feel like posting at the end of this miserable year, 2013. I am sure just as there have been many hit with sadness and tragedy, as always there are those hit with great fortune and luck. This is the normal cycle of life, but for me it is a year to happily say goodbye to. My mom left this world at the age of 90 and I miss her terribly but I know she is in a better place. It was a tough year and I pray every day that she is resting in peace. Despite the personal difficulties, it was also a year where my Government let me down. We saw a ridiculous shutdown caused by House Republicans. We saw a witch hunt against the President on all sorts of issues that only now are crystal clear of their intentions, again caused by the House Republicans. We saw a Speaker, an historic failure, preside over the least productive House in history, only to waste our time in an effort to repeal a law, like it or not, that is here to stay. We saw the word compromise become the next curse word. We saw a tea party wing of one party in one branch of Congress demonize all Obama, lie to our faces, scare us into further ignorance and actively try and hurt our country all in the name of hate. We saw an abuse of the filibuster costing us jobs, progress on guns and the lack of movement on Presidential appointments just to stick it to the President. We saw the House drop the ball on Immigration reform, ignoring the progress made in the Senate. We watched gerrymandering become the biggest political tragedy of our time. We heard lies, campaigns of deception by those in and out of government. We watched a deliberate effort to keep the law of the land from being successful and hoping for the denial of health care to millions. We watched the gap between the rich and poor widen while House Republicans and filibustering Senate Republicans forced those in most need, to get the least help from their government through sequester. It was a year of failure. Even the recent anemic budget compromise isn't worth the efforts made in the last hour. The goals of this President, if you remain objective, remain the right goals for our country. Fairness, health care as a right, minimum wage increases,, responsible immigration reform, national gun policies that work, infrastructure jobs programs and bipartisanship in action, not in word only. I only hope We the People send a message, that failures like those of Speaker Boehner and his minions, failures of 2013 and hurtful policies of the extreme, are no longer acceptable. Rest in peace mom. Let 2014 be better.