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Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Believe Me"

Remember during the campaign, Donald Trump at his rallies invoked "Believe Me" wherever he went. Never any substance, just a promise that for a vote, you can count on him to do what he says. After all, "Believe Me" is powerful medicine to the ill informed. So by the millions, three million less than his opponent, (unless you don't count the millions who voted illegally,another total lie) people did believe him. He promised that he would direct his Treasury Secretary to declare China a currency manipulator, oh wait, he just said they aren't. He said we must stay out of Syria, oh wait, didn't he just bomb them? He said there were no ties to Russia, oh wait, didn't we just find out one of his key foreign policy aids might actually be a spy for Russia? He said we would have great healthcare, oh wait, didn't his efforts fail thus far?. He said that we need to get Wall street to curb their greed and help the middle class, oh wait, didn't he appoint 5 cabinet members all with ties to JP Morgan, the very corporation he condemned Hillary for making speeches to? He condemned Obama for golfing or taking vacations or being away from the WH, oh wait, Trump has just spent more in 85 days on travel than O did all 8 years. He said Planned Parenthood does good things. Oh wait, today he signed an order making it OK for states to deny them funds. That will result, knowingly, in the death of many who rely on their health services. He also said yesterday, that he may stop giving the subsidies to the Insurance companies under the ACA because he didn't win and now wants to punish Democrats. Oh wait, wasn't it Republicans who got cold feet and don't these subsidies save lives? I remember when Trump said that he could stand on 5th avenue, shoot people and not lose support. Well, by his own deeds so far, he is killing people by polluting the world, denying health services and being just plain out of control and unhinged. To the Trump voter, you really are screwed. And you screwed the rest of us "Believe Me". Where are you Americans for Reason and Truth.