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Monday, November 7, 2016

The Trump Alphabet

Assault, buffoon, controlling, deplorable, exaggeration, facist, groper, horrific, insane, joyless, KKK, liar, misogynist, neurotic, obnoxious, predator, quack, racist, selfish, troglodyte, unaware, vitriolic, womanizer, xenophobic, yucky and zany. Dont forget to vote. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Truth

This has been a sickening campaign. I stopped posting because of it. I have been emotionally and physically ill over what I have seen and heard. On Tuesday, the election isn't just about who is more experienced, who is less impulsive, who has the knowledge and capability to adjust and react to dangerous situations, who has shown the ability to compromise, who has paid their fair share of taxes, who has advocated for others, who has raised money to support important causes around the world, who has been in the toughest situations, who has been kicked to the ground and with dignity gotten up to fight another battle, or who is a woman or man. This election is about decency vs. indecency. Hillary Clinton used a personal email server that may have had some improper emails on it. She regrets it, apologized for it, said it was a poor choice but no one in their right mind can believe this woman tried to do harm or commit treason to our great nation. No one. Hillary has been investigated over thirty years by those who just don't like her or her husband. In a nation of laws and justice, which we still are, at least for the moment, you are either found guilty or not guilty, you are either indicted due to sufficient evidence of wrong doing, or not. If after the non stop scrutiny, unfair, politically motivated and vindictive that she has received, not a single act of guilt or lawbreaking has been discovered, this should dismiss the narrative of corruption that her enemies have obsessively tried to pin on her. Her enemies are so fiercely vindictive and vitriolic that they are already promising more obstruction after her election if she wins and even floating the I word, using handcuffs as props and continuing this path of hatred before the election is even concluded. This is not how this country works. From reports and widely known aspects of Mr. Trump, here is a comparison to consider. Donald Trump was born in Queens where I grew up and the Trump name was always couched in racist activities. Blacks were targeted as unwanted tenants and Jews were used for investment, while the family's anti-semitic undertones were always in evidence. From this upbringing of white superiority, Donald continued in his father's footsteps targeting Manhattan. His real estate holdings and projects have only been marginally successful despite the bluster. His holdings are over leveraged and his debt at skyrocketed proportions. His fame and fortune comes from reality TV more so than from savvy investment capability. He has avoided paying taxes going on 15 years and is the only candidate in 40 years refusing to release his taxes. He has refused to pay service providers, used bankruptcy as a tool to avoid responsibility and has a reputation of being an absolute thug, one that decent men refuse to do business with. He has admittedly judged women to be inferior, boasted about groping them. He is on trial for rape has been accused by 12 women of assault. His university has been a fraudulent activity continually under scrutiny and soon to have its legality judged. He has promoted a racist undertone as evidenced by the support he gets from the KKK and white supremacy groups. He boasted about having the tallest building after 9-11. He has lied about his level of charitable contributions, which have been made available for scrutiny. He lied about thousands of Muslims cheering on roof tops after 9-11. He has lied about financial links to Russia. He has disrespected our President through his ridiculous and proven to be false birther conspiracy. He has insulted our military saying they are in awful condition, has boasted about knowledge he does not have. He used excuses of spurs to avoid the draft on multiple occasions. He has insulted Muslims and Mexicans, lied about the extent of illegal immigration, lied about his net worth and his holdings. He has failed at marriage, was accused of rape by one of his wives and has cavorted with the criminal underclass. This is a very incomplete list. When you choose on Tuesday, there is only one choice if decency is what you want in a President. If you disagree with a President, you fight in Congress or within the rules of fair play and institutional processes traditional in a Democracy. If you pick someone who is as flawed, as pathological and mean spirited as a Trump, you not only defile the country, you set an awful example for your loved ones. Vote Clinton for decency. Where are you Americans for Reason and truth?