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Sunday, December 30, 2012


It is pure hatred of this President by Congressional Republicans that is harming every American. Split government no longer works. We need one party rule. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?....Happy new year...except Congress.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Ignore Him

Happy holidays to all...almost all. I would skip Wayne LaPierre. The manufactured fears by our idiot Congress hurt our nation. All these calls for compromise even as the President moderates his position, are ludicrous. The President has the people on his side. We are more moderate ad thoughtful than we are given credit for. We should all just ignore the Speaker. He and Congress are out of control. The President and the nation will prevail if we simply shut these extremists out. Moderation will win the day...for this I am sure. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Fiscal Snit

Speaker Boehner has forgotten who won the election. He and his ilk just do not like this President. They resent his growing popularity and his growing popular vote mandate as states continue to count absentee ballots. They do not accept that the nation supports the President's 250,000 and above tax rate increase, now compromised by the President to 400,000. They are in a snit. They are petulant and hurtful toward our country. They blame the man who won, won't accept the truth, cannot handle bringing some Democrats on board for a 218 vote while castigating and isolating the extremists. I hope these Plan B, procedural gymnastics and other tricks fail and that we have a real strategy by the end of the year. If not, and contrary to how much they will try to blame the President, We the People know who is to blame. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Enough is Enough

To those who have been afraid to go up against the NRA, you are losers. You are weak at the knees politicians without an ounce of courage or bravery. You have allowed gun freaks and second amendment obsessors to cloud the truth. Guns do kill people. Assault weapons have no place in our society and not a single individual who touts guns as a means of self defense needs one. To those who will continue to bow to the Gun lobby, you are not worthy of your special privilege of representing our nation. If you continue to allow the guns to get onto the streets, to disguise the right to hunt as the same as owning a Glock, then you are not only an idiot, but deserve no support from any fair minded, emotionally stable individual. If we cannot as a nation for once and for all deal with gun control, then we deserve a continuation of such horrific and violent actions. Enough is enough. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Has Been

John McCain lost the 2008 election. He lost to W in 2004. He selected the most incompetent Vice Presidential candidate in modern times and made her a celebrity. He has been calling for War, War and more War since his days in Vietnam. He is a vindictive, jealous and petulant war hero whose quest for relevancy just cost a very competent person her next job over an overblown and preposterous suggestion of scandal over Libya. John McCain is a has been and I only hope his irrelevancy continues to grow and the Senate ignores his bluster and his anger. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Many people dont realize that all it takes is 218 members of the House to approve a bill. No filibusters in the House. Now there are about 75 tea party extremists out of 435 members. They are pushing the Speaker to reject any tax hike on the rich. They defy even the likes of Bill Kristol and Ann Coulter, both who know who won the election and that extra revenue from the wealthy wont crumble the land. The republicans have 235 seats and the Democrats 200, give or take. IF the Speaker tells the 75 to pound salt, gets a majority of his caucus ....say 135 to support a compromise and leader Pelosi delivers a minority of her caucus...say 83 to support a compromise, EVERYONE WINS. Boehner gets a majority, Pelosi can claim she opposed Republicans, President Obama can sign it after both houses pass it and the people get a break. SIMPLE MATH. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Monday, December 3, 2012


It is absolutely disgraceful that I for one minute actually thought that quickly after the election, these elected idiots from both parties would actually put the country first and do what is easy to do. Any common sense person could fix this cliff problem in five minutes.....protect all 98% of us making under 250,000 a year immediately. Negotiate after the first of the year a program for the top wage earners calling the revenue whatever you want so that both parties can claim victory. Means test Social Security and cut duplicate programs which are as a result of pork barrelling by these elected hogs. It is disgraceful that these power brokers are so incompetent,uncaring and ignorant of their real role... To support We the People, not We the rich People. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?