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Saturday, April 28, 2012


The same aide to Mitt Romney who declared his candidate an etch a sketch in terms of his views...shake them, they disappear, and start anew, has the utter gaul, the utter chutzpah to say that the auto bailout was Mitt Romney's idea. Folks, when you stop laughing, get serious. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Calculator

When I need to do complicated arithmetic and my head is a little slow, I use a calculator. It is an object, without a soul, without remorse, without a conscience. I do not need or want a calculator for President, and we have in Mitt Romney, a candidate who acts like a calculator, without a conscience and without a soul. Mr. Romney looks at each issue as a calculation, a number in his vote tabulating head. He doesn't answer a question with any specificity or offer any opinion other than what today's numbers say. He looks at his stance with young people and says to himself, "Am I better off supporting the President on lower college loans or supporting the extremists who I need for the nomination." He doesn't say to himself..."Is an affordable education an important American value that is right"? When he goes around with potential VP candidate Marco Rubio, in an attempt to be seen as a supporter of Latin voter issues, he says to himself "since I do not have support from Latinos and have bowed to the right on immigration issues, I can reject immigration compromises and look like I support Latinos by going around with one". He doesn't say to himself "Isn't it morally right to allow people who for no fault of their own reside in this country due to their parents' decisions, with basic education and a positive pathway to citizenship because it is right to do". Mitt Romney is nothing more than a privileged American, wanting to be President and offering no vision of his own. He offers us a calculator. I can buy one in Staples. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Our Time?

When Diane Sawyer interviewed the Romney's, the most extraordinary comment was made by Mrs. Romney. "It's our time" as if the Presidency was some mantle piece moving from one royal family to another. I was stricken by the pompousness and ridiculousness of such a comment. Mitt Romney has been running for the Presidency for almost a decade, spending millions of other people's money to buy the victory. He will get as close as ever this time, with a fifty fifty shot at succeeding but this interview was quite disturbing to me. The Presidency isn't a joke, it isn't something that is given to someone because of their age, or wealth or their name. The Romney's are due nothing from the American people. They represent the privileged few and this may entitle them to build elevators for their cars in their vacation home, but it doesn't entitle them to the White House. That must be earned and by my account, they have a long way to go. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Making of a Man

It is no doubt that women have gotten the shaft in the history of American culture. Even today, board rooms, legislatures and think tanks remain in male hands. Improvements, without a doubt. Near equality? Getting closer, but even though rules and laws are in place to approach real equality, it eludes us. When you look at the issues that women are more motivated care, education, peace, you see a gender that gets it. My gender, tough as nails, willing to fight, willing to nurture Don Draper has a different agenda. One may ask, why is Anne Romney seemingly running for President while her husband pretends to be the nominee? Why have women become the focus of this election thus far? It isn't because the issues are different, it is because Mitt Romney is different. Historically, this decent man, moderate to the core has become a rabid conservative to win the election. People are making judgements about him based on what he is saying now and comparing it to the past. They do not like what they see. No matter how he will try and spin it, the new Mitt Romney has been made by his party's extremists. It will take more than an etch a sketch and a wife to change this. Sorry Mitt, you have let yourself be made by the right and neither your spouse or your super pac commercials can change this. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Youth Vote

One of the great successes of the 2008 Obama election, was his ability to mobilize the young voters in this country. Not to acceptable levels, but to improved levels. In the upcoming election, most unbelievable to me, the race will probably be close and the pundits are predicting that the President won't be able to rely on the energy of youth at the same level. There is concern that they are disappointed and disengaged and may skip the election altogether. I do not think the President is unaware of this and he will do what he can, but it is unthinkable to me, that with everything at stake, younger voters will allow their frustration to result in a no vote. This helps, obviously, Mitt Romney. So, young voters, hear me roar.

There is nothing wrong with going to college. It is not an elitist thing to do, not something to be condemned, but nurtured. If you chose not to go to college, then frankly you are hurting yourself. It is your choice, but education is a blessing and something that is good. Only one candidate, President Obama encourages and supports it. If you want loan money available, vote Obama. If you care about the environment, green jobs, an overreliance on polluting fossil fuels that we love so much, then vote Obama. His energy policy contrary to the lies of his enemies, is balanced and supports future initiatives in solar, wind and other clean technologies. It is your future, your air, your environment. The choice is clear, vote Obama. If you care about jobs and careers, only one candidate is willing to invest in infrastrucure repair, improved technologies and funds for science, innovation and exploration. These are not witchcraft as the Republicans would have you believe. Vote Obama. I can go on, and will in future posts, but the youth of this country cannot sit idly by, cannot get discouraged because of the politics of destruction, they cannot fall prey to ignorance and stupidity. They must vote. I will vote for the President. I simply ask the youth of this great nation to listen to Mitt Romney, compare what he says today with their ideas for the future, and the choice will be clear. Mitt Romney will say anything that Conservatives want to hear, in a phony and completely disingenuous way. Listen young people, hear and make the right choice not for me, but for you, your generation and your country. There is still time. Get psyched, get excited and get involved. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Bad Guy

In his job at Bain Capital, Mitt Romney was a business barracuda. He cared about one thing only, to make money for himself, his company and his clients. In that focused world, he was successful. As a politician and a man who wishes to lead the free world, he is just a bad guy. He has no conviction. He says the most preposterous things about the President, the country and himself wihout any connection to the common man. He is not trusted by his own base, denies his previous moderate convictions out of an "I'll do anything to win the nomination" philosophy and is content to buy the election through his super pac support. (In fairness, so too will the President have super pac money). Mitt Romney denies being a flip flopper but on every single major issue he has shifted his positions and just is not a trustworthy type. The narrative about his great business skills may be correct with the Olympics (where he went borrowing Federal dollars by the way) and Bain, but as for running the nation, a whole different story. The more we see of Mitt Romney, the less we like of him. I have no faith in his ability because I just do not trust him. He is too slick, too polished, too robotic and too disingenuous for me. He is just a bad guy for the job. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Rick Santorum was not my kind of candidate but he certainly has his priorities straight. May his family find strength during their challenging time.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Romney Dilemma

In an effort to win the nomination, Mitt Romney has embraced, to use Chuck Grassley's sentiments, stupidity. Not of the President but of the electorate. He has jumped on the Republican bandwagon of Obama bashing with fervent and relentless fiercity. These rants, however, will be a problem for the eventual nominee. Forget the fact that he has lost women and hispanics with his non criticism of Limbaugh Beck rants and support of gender politics and immigration politics at their worst. Forget the fact that he is already an unlikable and reluctant choice of his own base. He is facing a big dilemma. How does he convert to his original moderate core after having embraced such extremism? Contrary to the narrative, Mitt Romney when working for Bain capital was more of a destroyer of jobs and opportunities than a creator. He did the dismantling of companies quite well and made a lot of money for himself and his clients. No crime, but now as he pivots toward the real election he will find himself having to explain why he criticizes the President's committment to the future excellence of our nation. Obama supports community college, supports high tech industries such as alternate energy, he supports tax credits for businesses that move us toward modern roads, rails and runways. He supports funds for updating our antiquated air travel GPS system, an improved electric grid and other engineering type projects. He supports huge commitments to education and teachers. Romney is only about deregulation, trickle down and nurturing ignorance as a candidate. There are approximately 5 million unfilled jobs in this country. With 15 million un or underemployed Americans, it seems as if it is a no brainer. BUT, companies cannot find people who fit the mold for these jobs of the future. We are uneducated, untrained and unprepared. Mitt Romney supports nothing to remedy this situation. President Obama does. Who is stupid Senator Grassley? Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Romney Rule

The Romney rule...Just tell people who hate Obama what they want to hear, true or not and then lie. Also, ignore any good news, including today's announcement that we had the lowest unemployment claim level in four years, and the Fed. decided growth is strong enough, not to engage in QE 3. You go Mitt. Keep hating, keep lying and keep being you. I love it. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bombs Away

The Romney Obama War has begun. Romney has started with his lies saying that there has been more job loss under Obama than during any President since the depression. This lightweight, liar of a candidate, with no moral conviction or belief system better watch out. We may start telling the truth about him...that is better than lying. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Ryan Budget

Today, President Obama will call the Ryan budget a "trojan horse" and an example of "social Darwinism". From Today Co Host Sarah Palin on down, most Americans will not understand the literary reference nor the scientific reference and this is more due to our State controlled, unequal education process, but that is for another day. What this budget does, is cut all programs that help the needy. What this does, to use the Republican strategy, is to cause real class warfare...the perpetual pattern of the rich vs. the poor. Not just this, it also reduces our commitment to research, to protection of the environment, to alternate energy sources, to a host of other subjects that will point to an educated and bright future for our country. Mr. Ryan may be smart, he may seem like the youthful energy needed for a party run by right wing extremists, but his vision for America is no vision at all. It is a vision for his own electability as he continues to seize upon the ignorance of so many of us who just don't get it. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Monday, April 2, 2012

More on the Mandate

When I am ready to retire, hopefully I will not need to rely on my social security. For the most wealthy in this nation, social security is pocket change. If I am lucky, and certainly for those that are rich, I could care less about social security. Yet, I am required to pay a payroll tax for the trust account intented to pay benefits to those eligible. I would like to stop paying FICA...but I cannot. I am obligated to pay into the trust fund for benefits for others as a collective responsibility. Payroll taxes are the law. Is the Supreme Court about to declare this mandate as unconstitutional if challenged? I think not. For those who are volunteering not to buy health insurance, you are negatively impacting those of us that do. You will be taken care of at hospitals and Medical offices if you are sick and I will still pay for it. To me, the mandates are exact...they require a payment for the collective good of our nation. Supreme Court justices are well advised to see the obvious parallel. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?