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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rand's Rants

Rand Paul's name comes up a lot these days. The junior Senator from Kentucky is a libertarian, who rails against Government for its intrusion into our lives (except when he supports government regulating a woman's body or a gay person's marriage rights). The fact that this man's name comes up as a future Presidential candidate should fuel our fear but that is for election politics which will be here soon enough. What Senator Paul, who loves to cite Constitutional scripture fails to admit, is that in a Republic, we elect people to serve us. We have three distinct branches of government with separate powers and checks and balances on each other. The surveillance issue is not fraught with Government intrusion, it follows Constitutional requirements. The President executed it, informed Congress who approved it, and the courts issued the warrants. All three branches of government collaborated as they are supposed to. Now, you can disagree with the reach of their decisions on this matter, but you cannot claim Constitutional foul. In fact the founding fathers may actually be seeing their work in action as it was supposed to occur...with all its warts. When Senator Paul stops supporting corporations and donors who don't think twice about violating our privacy every minute of every day, then perhaps he can claim a degree of credibility. For now, he remains in the ash heap of stupidity, hypocrisy and self aggrandisement.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What about Governing?

The Republican party will stop at nothing to embarrass and defile President Obama. The resounding victory this past November notwithstanding, is a fantasy in the eyes of political hacks with no goal except to destroy the opposition. If we assume the absolute worst about each of the three recent embarrassments to the President, what we can say is poor management of each situation or the absence of a pit bull within the Executive branch to manage these issues. However, the House Republicans, unable to govern, unwilling to defend our national interests and totally without a cohesive strategy for the nation, has decided to double down on its hatred toward the President. As such, no governance, no policies, and no help. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?