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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Mid Term Election

As I await what looks to be a favorable result for Republicans in the upcoming mid terms, I wish to remind anyone who is listening what this party stands for. It supports invasive vaginal probes for women considering abortion. It supports suing a sitting President for doing his job. It supports the destruction of unions. It supports salary inequities between men and women. It supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act responsible for 10 million newly insured. It supports suppression of voting rights. It supports gun rights without any limits. It supports more ground troops in countries that fail to defend themselves. It supports demonizing children of unlawful immigrants who have been here since childhood. It supports further tax breaks for the wealthy and elimination of benefits for the middle class. It supports the repeal of Roe v. Wade and the teaching of creationism equal to the teaching of evolution. It supports cuts in science and research and climate change deniers. Now, GO VOTE.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tell Us Why....

Three simple words for the Republican party....Tell Us Why: -you object to 8 million people getting health insurance. -you object to a shrinking national debt. -you object to extending unemployment benefits to long term people in need. -you object to comprehensive and respectful immigration reform. -you object to sensible gun control. -you object to equal pay for equal work. -you object to a woman choosing what to do with her own body. -you object to our oil independence by next year. -you object to ending two costly wars. -you object to restraint on the part of our government as it tackles world issues. -you object to stopping laws passed by states that infringe upon our right to vote. -you object to a declining unemployment rate. -you object to replacing all lost jobs under GW Bush. -you object to helping the poor and the elderly and keeping their benefit levels. -you object to infrastructure repair. -you object to an increase in the minimum wage. -you object to every single thing President Obama matter what. TELL US WHY.....I don't think you can. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Busy Governor

I know how busy Governor Christie is. He has to work on his bully persona while seeming a man of the people. I know he has to work at figuring out further lies about his ignorance over the bridge. I know he has to kiss the ass of tea party Republicans who have pledged to work against him because he shook hands with the President. I know he is busy trying to craft a story about his leadership with Sandy while Sandy funds remain suspect as to their distribution. I know he is busy trying to revive the Christie narrative that is nothing more than bombast and bluster. He proved yesterday, however, just how disingenuous and full of it he is. The Governor came to South River, New Jersey to hold a town hall meeting. His staff invited students from the public high school to attend and said the Governor would be asking them a question or two. As the only school from the town it would seem appropriate for the Governor to recognize them. These students from the Advanced Placement Government class were prepared, professional and respectful. The Governor decided to bash public sector unions, bash public schools and let 11 year old private school students ask scripted cutesy questions while ignoring the local kids. It was disrespectful and arrogant. As the teacher of these students I was outraged by his slight, and unimpressed by his attempts at invigorating his failed stewardship over our state. Thanks for nothing Governor. You are who you are. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Bully Pulpit

The bully pulpit is a term that is used to describe how the power of one's position can have influence in the outcome for your own ideas and beliefs. Usually it is uttered when describing the advantages of a President, who can summon the media any time and use the power of the office to get coverage, attention and public support. In the last few days, however, the Bully Pulpit has taken on another meaning, one that is being defined by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is regrettably, my Governor. Mr. Christie is a bully and thus when using the bully pulpit, he is doing just that....bullying. This governor is known for being a bully. He shouts down reporters and calls them idiots to intimidate them for asking questions he does not like. He shouts down a teacher for asking a question that might be symbolic of a teacher union position. He has described his directness as honesty and bipartisanship and working together, but it is not that at all. This is a man who indeed wants to have his way, all the time. He shouts, he abuses and he lies as is evident to anyone with some common sense. This shrewd and manipulative man, a lawyer by profession, knows the ins and outs of the legal process, but despite his attempt to rise above the scandal, once a bully always a bully. Today his bully pulpit is all about mocking, criticizing and pummeling his former friend Mr. Wildstein in an effort to discount his comments. [Mr. Wildstein is no great shakes. He comes from the Christie camp so I have no sympathy for him.] The bully is at it again. Governor, your days as a national figure are over. You are a bully. Bullies always lose eventually. Americans do not like a bully. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Plan For Smaller Government

Here is my plan for smaller government, something that will drive our economy continuously forward, insure cheaper health care costs, improve the environment, expand the use of alternative fuels, raise incomes and drive job growth. Reduce the House of Representatives by half. Fire 217 members of the House and restructure the districts to be reflective of the 63 percent that support a minimum wage increase or the 58 percent that want immigration reform, or the 83 percent that want background checks for gun purchases or the 68 percent that want a smaller US footprint in the Middle East. By firing 217 members of the House,(half), that account for approximately 55,000 million dollars of taxpayer dollars per year, we could pay for 3,000 minimum wage jobs at the publicly supported 10 dollars an hour. What a great payback. Gerrymandered districts in republican territory have accounted for an obsession with doing all that is bad for our nation. And, my Republican friends, I am paying for my jobs by getting rid of yours. There's your offset.