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Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's not a Doormat

I teach Advanced Placement Government and Politics. I am pretty good at it too if results are any indication. I would consider myself well studied and knowledgeable about our Constitution and yes, can incorporate both the strict conservative constructionist and more open, flexible and loose constructionist ideologies into my thinking. I would not suggest either side to be ignorant or incorrect. It has become exceedingly difficult to teach students about our Government when things that aren't even mentioned in the document are responsible for the idiocy and failures of our Government to function such as gerrymandering or the filibuster as examples. "No students, you don't need a majority of the Senate to move a bill, you need 60 to agree to vote on it...Yes, kids, I know what it says in the Constitution" etc. etc. The most extraordinary thing in these days, is how a political party uses it as a doormat. They step on its language as if James Madison never existed. They scream and I paraphrase "we cannot step on our Constitution with imperial Obama not following it". When Speaker Boehner pretends to understand it more than our Yale educated Constitution Professor President, I cringe, like Obama or not. We should not be surprised though, since he represents the same party whose Chairman of the Environmental policy committee brings a snowball into Congress to prove global warming is a farce. The Republicans took command of Congress promising to govern and so far they threatened to shut down Homeland Security, invited a head of state from another country to lecture America about foreign policy, and now have sent a letter to a terrorist Government mocking our own Presidential leadership. I could go on and on. The purpose of this post, for the few who may read or even see it, is to remind us all, that the Constitution isn't some piece of paper that is rewritten and interpreted by today's idiots. It isn't a doormat to wipe our feet on. It is a document that guides us with little ambiguity as to the separate powers and responsibilities of each of its described branches in Articles 1,2 and 3. There are processes to stop bills and laws and agreements through Courts, votes in Congress, vetoes and overrides and clearly articulated language. The great Republican party, has become illiterate to its words and puts hatred of the biracial President ahead of America's interests. Nice job America for giving these folks more power. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?