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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Its not Just the Lies

The Donald has been President now for about two months. It isn't just that he lies in a pathological and hateful way, it isn't just that he is incapacitated by the truth, it isn't just that he really has no clue about how the government works, or what the Constitution says, it's that he has no regard for the millions he insults, hurts or worse, whose lives he will destroy. The irony is that those who will hurt the most, are those who supported his candidacy with great fervor. The uneducated white man, in his forties, living in places like West Virginia, Michigan and Ohio, not too educated, out of work manufacturing workers, angry at everyone, blaming Government for their failures while accepting unemployment, medicaid, food stamps and other programs that they demonize with no desire to retrain, retool, take some responsibility for their ignorance and re enter the collective called the United States. It is this group, passionate for the misogynist in chief who will find that his lies and distortions will only make matters worse for them. But you know what? It wont matter. They just don't get it. Enjoy your new healthcare. Enjoy your new minimum wage factory job and enjoy the great American dream of Donald Trump. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?