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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Plan For Smaller Government

Here is my plan for smaller government, something that will drive our economy continuously forward, insure cheaper health care costs, improve the environment, expand the use of alternative fuels, raise incomes and drive job growth. Reduce the House of Representatives by half. Fire 217 members of the House and restructure the districts to be reflective of the 63 percent that support a minimum wage increase or the 58 percent that want immigration reform, or the 83 percent that want background checks for gun purchases or the 68 percent that want a smaller US footprint in the Middle East. By firing 217 members of the House,(half), that account for approximately 55,000 million dollars of taxpayer dollars per year, we could pay for 3,000 minimum wage jobs at the publicly supported 10 dollars an hour. What a great payback. Gerrymandered districts in republican territory have accounted for an obsession with doing all that is bad for our nation. And, my Republican friends, I am paying for my jobs by getting rid of yours. There's your offset.