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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elections Don't Matter....I Guess.

Before I blog, it was just reported that the Colorado Prisons chief was fatally shot as he opened his door. Anyhow, the overwhelming majority of us support an assault weapons ban. The Congress just doesn't care what we think. Nor do they care much about the President's agenda, which is our agenda. Nor do the Democrats have the spine or the fortitude to put their electoral fortunes beside and do the right thing. Nor do they care much about the word regulate which is in the 2nd amendment. Nor do they care that the Supreme Court with its most conservative justice in agreement, has ruled that guns can be regulated. Nor do they care, in my judgement, about the 35 people killed daily in this country by guns. I do not want to hear that people kill people not guns. Guns are deadly weapons. Assault weapons are not designed to protect you from someone stealing your TV. Harry Reid has shamefully mismanaged this, Patrick Leahy hasn't been as aggressive as he should be. Politicians need to stop apologizing to the Gun advocates. They need to stop producing pictures of themselves killing varmants or looking tough. Toughness comes from standing up against the dangerous extremists in this country that put violence above humanity. Shameful. Elections used to matter. Not anymore I guess. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Only Adult in the Room

The President has been consistently misrepresented and his views not even known by many of his adversaries. He has been criticized for not reaching out to the other side even though he has and has been willing to put pro Republican ideas on the table for negotiation. Recently and currently, he is holding lunches and meetings with members of Congress, perhaps to change the perception but perhaps to get a serious deal. He has been the adult. Paul Ryan, whose ideas were roundly defeated at the polls last November, attended a lunch with the President. One day later, he came out with a budget that again eliminates ObamaCare and cuts entitlements beyond what is reasonable all the while knowing this hoax will go nowhere. We need adults at the negotiating table, not petulant kids. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Imagine

Today, we saw an unexpected but welcome decline in the unemployment rate as well as a job creation number that was higher than thought even with public sector jobs disappearing. Just Imagine if we had a House of Representatives more cooperative with our President when he called for infrastructure repair, or a more balanced approach to the deficit. Just Imagine if the stimulus was more to the liking of the President instead of blocked over and over again. Just Imagine, if Senator McConnell was more supportive of this President instead of trying to stop him at every turn. Just Imagine if Congress agreed to put legislative force behind Simpson Bowles instead of only advisory responsibility. Just Imagine if the Constitutional requirement for passage of legislation was actually followed instead of filibustered. Just Imagine. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Tax Breaks

We are at the lowest percentage of tax revenue relative to the size of our economy, in fifty years. Americans overwhelmingly support the elimination of tax breaks for the wealthiest and support tax reform. Even current Republicans have gone on the record in the past few years supporting policies that generate more revenue. Yet, we are about to go over the Sequestration bridge at midnight tonight because the Senate Republicans ignored what WE the People want and filibustered a reasonable bill. The House won't even allow a vote on moderation and instead have a Speaker who is so inept, so shrill with his language, so tied to Tea Party extremism that he cannot even get out of his own way. I say the President issues a signing statement like his predecessor did frequently, and suggest which elements of the legislation he is choosing not to enforce. I would keep middle class needs at the top of the list. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?