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Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Legacy in Progress

As the clown parade of Republican candidates for President continues unabated, I as a proud American reflect on the six and one half years of the Obama Presidency. Surely, as all Presidents ponder, the legacy of their tenure becomes important to them all. How will history treat them? What will the pollsters and pundits and historians express? No one can know for sure, but what I do know, after watching Barack Obama for his two terms, no one will ever be able to convince me that he has failed. Only an ignorant, obsessively partisan and subjective analyst can say so. In reality, on every important measurement from leadership, to how he delivered on his promises as a candidate, to America's position in the world, he has achieved success that pales in comparison to his immediate predecessors and thus, when all the hate subsides, the extreme vitriol towards him lessens and the results are tabulated, the haters will grudgingly be forced to admit to his greatness. If not, they will rewrite history with lies and distortions, all too common in the age of politics as entertainment. What is fact, is that he ended two wars, with both of those countries still struggling with historic tribal and religious difficulties not worthy of American blood. He gave us near universal health care coverage that by every objective analysis has been an improvement over what we had. His energy policies have led to the largest domestic oil production within our borders and the lowest level of reliance on outside sources in our history while moving the nation toward an historic commitment to alternative energy sources. He has forged coalitions with other nations and has shown the world that collaboration and respect for other nations's perspectives is preferable to American bluster and military aggression. He has decimated Al Queda, killed Osama Bin Laden and is bringing the fight to terrorism without foolish and wasteful disregard for American lives. He has defied his reckless enemies with poise, professionalism and respect and has been an exemplary example for families and for the possibilities for all Americans. He has avoided scandal, negotiated deals for the future peace and prosperity of the globe and has maintained American might, using it when needed and strengthening our position abroad. He has avoided the use of reckless and unsubstantiated claims, remaining calm and steadfast in his rationality and has proven that America can work despite the demagoguery of his enemies. His economic policies have created 13 million new jobs, brought unemployment to 5 percent and he has put in place additional policies with long term prospects for success with no help from the opposition party whose mantra is say no to Obama no matter the costs. He has maintained an unwavering commitment to our historic relationship with Israel through military and intelligence support. These are only some of the examples of what he has done. As his term winds down, as the craziness of the campaign moves forward and as the lies and distortions of America's greatness are put into campaign ads by his extremist foes, it is important that we begin to recognize his legacy of greatness. No matter how much the haters hate, and the ignorant scream, the truth is the truth. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?