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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dumbing Down

The Republicans are joyous. Poor, uneducated white voters support their candidates in growing numbers. This should tell us all something. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Rudy Giuliani still thinks he could be President? Such astounding arrogance. He made his name from the pain of 9-11 and copious analysis has exposed major flaws in his response, which those outside of NYC don't hear about. He frolics around with the likes of Donald Trump and hides his past moderate credentials to lure the crazies. He is no hero and certainly not worthy of the Presidency. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Real Enemy

If you have felt the need to watch the Republican candidates debate, you will have noticed a pattern. A pattern of hate and bigotry, not always from the candidates, but from the audience. First we had the rousing applause to the killing of criminals in Texas. Notwithstanding ones' defensible position on capital punishment, such hatred and violence from the audience should give one pause. After all, these same people call abortion murder, but the taking of a human life under different circumstances and by the government no less, is acceptable. Next, is the hateful reaction toward any moderation devoted to immigrants who have been contributing members of society for many years although with a questionable status. I am all for following the laws of the land, but such hatred and animus needs to be directed toward offending corporations, not those who simply want to try and improve their lives. It is as if these people are inhuman, deserving the same treatment as defenseless animals. Lastly, was the treatment of a gay soldier's youtube question directed to Rick Santorum. The audience booed this young man, forced to live a lie while volunteering to defend this nation. The audience with ridicule and scorn, heaped their venom on a soldier. These are dangerous people, entitled to their views, but so hateful and so aggressive with their hate, it makes me question whether the American story or American values are truly within their means to understand. The real enemy, however, is not them. It is the candidates who love getting the applause whether they agree with the audience or not. It is painful to watch these candidates develop punch lines and sound bytes that propel this kind of hatred to go unchecked. The real enemy are the Republican Moderates, yes there are a few, who allow such vitriol to go unchecked. These folks walk lock step with their leader, Mitch McConnell, a deceitful, arrogant hater himself. Where are the ladies from Maine, Richard Lugar, John McCain, Scott Brown and a few others, who in their hearts know this is wrong, but sit on the sidelines pretending it doesn't exist and that their party bears no responsibility. They are the real enemy, to our nation, its values and its principles. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Friday, September 23, 2011

It Shall Be Mitt

After all the tea party primary voters have their say, after Sarah Palin finally decides, after the single digit candidates move aside and after the people continue to realize that Rick Perry is not Presidential material, the money, the moderates, the middle and the reasonable of the Republican party will coalesce around the more electable candidate, Mitt Romney. And so it will begin in ernest. President Obama gets to debate Mitt Romney. The only question? Which Mitt? Probably all of them at once, further irritating his lukewarm supporters. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Turning their backs on the People

It has been firmly established that by deliberately saying no to every Obama idea and protecting only the interests of the rich, the Republicans have figured out they can so destroy the economy, that the President will be blamed and lose his bid for re-election. I thought that they might think about their actions and recognize the people, but boy was I wrong. Not only are they not concerned about the people, they lie every single day to those who they represent. I have no more words to express my anger that would be acceptable to use, but WTF is going on? We all know what it is. Anger and hatred at a President that just doesn't look right. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Palestinian Statehood

The United States has supported a two state solution to the Middle East Palestinian situation for quite some time. Israel's official policy is to support this as well. Now, however, is not the time. When Hamas recognizes Israel and stops bombing it, perhaps the support will be more aggressive, but while these conditions still exist, it is premature. Mr. Abbass as of this post is forging ahead with his plans to force a UN vote against the wishes of our nation. It is time to play tough with him. The State Department should have a private conversation telling him that the United States will be quite forthcoming in the future with aid and assistance to make the Palestinian nation a successful state but if they force it now, all aid and assistance from the US will not materialize. Let's put the clout of money behind our demands and see what kind of nation they really wish to become. Poor, violent and unsupported or successful. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thanks for Nothing Governors

Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo are not considered soulmates when it comes to their political perspectives but they do have one thing in common. They screwed the people of NY and NJ for allowing a toll and mass transit increase during a time of financial stress for millions of people. For all the talk about controlling government spending, and reckless waste in government and concerns about jobs, and Wall Street and most of all, concern about the people, they showed their true colors. They could have stopped this increase, could have deferred it for a year or two until things improved and saved millions the tax increase that this represents. Thanks for nothing. You both put the people last....again. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Who are we Kidding?

For a brief few moments last week, words that were considered conciliatory and open were spoken from the mouths of the Republican leaders. Who are they trying to fool? Anyone with a brain, a pulse, a thought, knows that this theatrical pronouncement toward compromise was nothing more than a ten second blip on the Obstruction scale. We now have Senator McConnell trying to pit Democrats against Democrats in an effort to continue his obsessive desire to destroy the President. Our Speaker of the House went on the news yesterday to bash the President's jobs plan offerring none of his own specific solutions, and the rhetoric of destruction and government spending again ignored the President's willingness to discuss entitlement reform, tax reform, and a totally paid for bill. Republicans simply cannot take one penny from their wealthy contributors. It remains amazing to me that so many Americans seem to be lukewarm to the President while in every single case, they overwhelmingly support the individual pieces of the legislation. Fight Mr. President, Keep travelling, keep calling out your enemies and slowly the pendulum will switch your war. If you don't then it will be a long 14 months. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New York's 9th

I grew up in Queens and despite the Republican swooning today about an Obama rebuke, here is the truth. Although the 9th has a 3 to 1 Democratic registration advantage, this area is not known for its traditional NYC liberalism. Check the results for Reagan, both Bush's and even McCain vs. other areas of the city. Check Congress's 13 percent approval rating? Perhaps some anti-incumbency afoot? I would think the majority party of the House ought to be running scared moreso than the Democrats. Check voter turnout? Not much enthusiasm on either side or much knowledge about the election. Just like a primary, these special elections do not follow the wave of traditional predictability. What about Anthony Weiner? A disappointment and embarrassment to the party, the country and his loyal followers. This anger accounted for much of the rebuke, not the President. Lastly, this is likely to be a gerrymandered district to match recent census reduction in New York's representation, more likely now with a Republican win. I wouldn't make too much of this two day story...and remember the upstate NY unlikely Democratic victory a few months ago? I guess we are even. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Takin it to the Streets

The President has sent his jobs bill to Congress and typical of the Repbulicans, they like everything they like and nothing to pay for it. These deficit hawks, tea party fanatics and hypocrites in the Republican caucus support deficit increases when it lowers taxes or cuts spending, or eliminates needed agencies, but ask the precious rich to pay a dime more and they rail against it. Well I have news for them, the people want the wealthy to pay more and the people want jobs. The President in takin it to the streets. State by state, inch by inch, using the bully pulpit and the power of the Presidency. By my calculus, this unpopular President will still be able to raise our consciousness and keep the obstructionists from getting their way. Maybe not today or next month, but certainly in 2012. I really believe that the Rebublicans are counting their chickens way before hatch day. Where are you Americans for reason and truth.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Unemployed

One of the great contradictions of our political system, is that so many Americans love to rail against big government, but as soon as things don't go their way, they ask and expect the Government to help. President Obama is being blamed by America according to the polls because they cannot find a job. There are fourteen million unemployed about three million more than what would be considered historically acceptable if they were working. So let's look at them for a minute. Most people believe that there is a surplus of workers and a scarcity of jobs. Actually, this is not the case. There is in fact a surplus of jobs and a scarcity of qualified people to fill them. I am talking about highly skilled job opportunities in science and engineering and technology. There are companies willing to hire but they cannot from the ranks of our unemployed, find people with the skills needed to fill these jobs successfully. We keep talking about a scarcity of jobs quite frankly in the lower skilled manufacturing, retail and service sectors. Our President since day one in office, spoke of the need to properly prepare Americans for the jobs of the future and the need to encourage training, education and corporate commitment to ready our citizens for such jobs. Too many people who penalize the President are just not understanding this sad reality. People need to re-train, re-educate and alter their priorities to fit the challenges that lie ahead. It certainly isn't easy, but it is better to support leaders who understand this tough to take and easy to understand reality. America is not prepared. Instead of supporting politicians that would be quite happy if 14 million job openings happened at McDonalds and WalMart and blaming government for this not happening, support those who respect science, education and the future. An untrained workforce is our own worst enemy. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I grew up in NYC and went to school a few blocks from the catastrophe as a man in my early twenties. I live, eat and breathe NYC and therefore will not be watching a single broadcast, a single TV commemorative service or read a single recap about the ceremonies at Ground Zero and elswhere. Why? Because there is not a single New Yorker who will ever forget the experience and therefore needs not be reminded of it. There isn't a single American that will forget that we remove our shoes at airports and cannot bring shampoo on a plane because of 9-11. We do not need all these solemn rememberances and politicians attending. We do not need to relive the funerals or remind parents of their pain. It will live within each of us forever. I would rather watch football, reflect internally and hope that these same politicians deliver legislation to improve the economy and help my fellow citizens. 9-11 services and 24 hour coverage will not make it more important for me. In fact they may inflict more pain. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wait and See

President Obama's eloquence and effectiveness as a speaker was evident again this evening. Despite the absence of a few republicans whose disrespect of the President was disgraceful, the decorum was appropriate and respectful inside the room. Putting all of these observable metrics behind us, there is a practical need to see what transpires. This Democratic President has called for spending cuts, entitlement reform and regulation decreases while holding to other basic core values of his party. There are still details to emerge but the tone was strong and correct, the call to action of Congress was forceful and the prospects of agreement and conciliation have marginally improved. The extent of the success will be directly tied to the President's selling of this proposal to the nation at large. He starts in enemy territory tomorrow and hopefully some sense of national unity of purpose will transcend our politics. I fear the worst but hope for the best. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back To School

I am a teacher and after some time off, I go back to school tomorrow. I, along with my colleagues will do our best to instill knowledge and information in our students in an effort to best prepare them for the future. I teach Economics and Government and when I meet my students in a few days, their heads will not be filled with the basic knowledge that they will need to arm themselves for future success. They will not know the names of their representatives, nor will they understand why the nation is in economic distress. They will lack the basic knowledge of why the rights they take for granted are rights they have at all. They will not know the functions of the various branches of government, how to get accurate information from the media, how decisions they and their families make are tied to the economy and why their futures are so tied to having such information. I will work my butt off to insure that these lapses of knowledge are corrected and that I can help to arm them with the skill sets they will need to be ready to tackle the future. It is a challenge for all teachers, to prepare our youth for the daunting challenges that lie ahead. Regrettably all across our great nation, students are not prepared. Our politicians love to say they support education, but instead, they prey on the ignorant, promote an absence of the truth and tacitly encourage such ignorance in the name of re-election. This is a very sad state of affairs and must be changed. For anyone that has the opportunity to influence a young mind, please make sure that you demand educational excellence from each young person that you interact with. Make sure to help them find truth and to honestly explore both sides of an issue before making a judgement. Most of all, teach them not to solely listen to what their representative in government says. If they do, without checking the facts and without checking the backgrounds and performance of these officials, they will fail to understand the truth, be influenced incorrectly and make bad decisions for themselves and for their futures. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of Summer. Beaches begin to close, people leave for home from their last weekend of vacation, and the slow doldrum of corporate effort during the months of July and August evolves into a more energetic and active engine of business activity. Traditionally, Labor Day marks the recognition of effort of workers across the country, traditionally, union workers. Unions have been vilified of late being blamed for all the ills of the economy. They are being stripped of collective bargaining rights and are shrinking both in number and political influence. In fact, if you want to score some political points as a Governor or Congressman, just blame the unions. America is on a path of abandonment of the Labor movement. The Republican party has successfully pitted union workers against other workers. They blame the allegedly high pension amounts, generous health benefits and other perks to anger and inflame everyone else. It works. The important thing to remember today, however, is that the same forces that are used against unions, are being used against other workers. Salary growth has been stagnant. Corportions still send jobs oversees because of the increased profitablility of doing so. American workers remain untrained to fit the jobs of the future. Layoffs abound so that productivity and stock prices can rise. The corporate coffers are filled with cash. So on this Labor Day, we ought not to be demagogueing one group, we ought not accept the strategy of divison amongst groups of workers, and we ought not be angry with or expect the President to find us a job. We ought to be demanding fairness, we ought to be voting out those who support corporate wealth interests above middle class interests, and we ought to realize that our 2010 election did more harm than good. The Republicans are succeeding in embarrassing and humiliating the President, but they are failing dismally in meeting the moral standards of fairness, creating American opportunity and working together with Democrats to do what is right for We the people. Summer is over. Speak with your votes, your voices, letters, emails and town hall meetings to make yourselves heard. Labor Day is a great day to start. Your Congres is failing you. Wake up. Thank you American workers. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Systematic Destruction of a President

In November of 2008, after the lies, the ineptitude and systematic destruction of our economy by W and Dick, it was time for a change. The oratorical prowess of Barack Obama and the timing of his election made for the perfect planetary alignment for his victory. A background such as his, was truly the American story but his race made his victory that much more stunning. Here was a man, brought up by working parents, struggling economically, learning the value of hard work and education, committing himself to one woman and the highest standards of family values who screams of American opportunity. His education and intellect is of the highest calibre we have seen in a while. His temperment and thoughtful approach to decision making is sensible and his willingness to take the Madisonian concept of compromise and promote it, should be refreshing to a centrist America. Under President Obama, we have seen Bin Laden killed, the economy rise from the abyss of poor performance, two wars begin to wind down, millions of jobs saved and a recognition of what is important for the future of our country...infrastructure improvement, educational excellence and talking about the important esoteric and practical issues for our future. I continue to admire him, support him and remain in awe of his incredible abilities. I feel very alone these days. Our current climate is rampant with hate, vitriol and a determined opposition wishing and coordinating for the President to fail, and the country with him. His soaring rhetoric remains an inspiration to me but his skillful opponents at all costs will do their best to destroy him. This is their stated goal, and all of their efforts are gearing up for such an outcome....Presidential failure. I believe race and prejudice has a lot to do with it, but if I am wrong, the problem may be even worse. We have a political party that will do all they can through parlimentary maneuvers, hypocritcal statements, inaccurate scare tactics and downright disrespect to put their interests well ahead of the interests of our nation. I only hope there is time to expose this deep rooted and vindictive plan and give the President the support he has earned. 8 years of killing our economy cannot be forgotten and expectations that any President can fix all the damage in two years is silly. The summer is ending and the real game begins. We need more players. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?