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Friday, June 15, 2018

Obstruction of Values

Much of the news, particularly followed by pundits and more aware citizens, is about the potential Obstruction of Justice charges that may be coming against Trump. This fervor of expectation is so troubling to the administration, that they have dispatched a totally unhinged Rudy, Devin and Hannity who do and say anything to try and soil Mueller and his investigation. The IG report today, does nothing other than support the reality that Comey hurt Hillary but Trumpers are using it to enhance their deep state fiction. I say stop. It isnt about Obstruction of Justice until and if there are charges. It is, daily, about Obstruction of Values. Where are our values? Where is our protection for children, our championing of human rights, our support for the right to vote, our condemnation of enemies and aggressive support for our friends, where is decency, honor, telling the truth and not saluting ruthless murderous dictators? As the Republican party continues to enable Trump without any regard for the true values of America, we are being embarrassed around the world and fed abject, dangerous lies. This is pure Obstruction of Values, not subject to legal proceedings, but only dealt with at the ballot box is what should concern us most. Where are you Americans for Reason and truth?

Monday, May 28, 2018


On this Memorial Day, normally a holiday to honor those who fought for freedom, regrettably we dishonor them with a President focused on his lies, his self absorption and his utter disregard for honor. This is a sad Memorial Day. God help us. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Death of Decency

To be a decent person means that you care about others, many times before yourself. It means you tell the truth, not about whether you like someones' hair, but on matters of serious import. It means you avoid vulgarity and immoral behavior. It means you have empathy for others and a serious internal desire to help and to be compassionate. It means respecting others who look different, sound different and act different. It means being loyal to others, sticking by them regardless of disagreements they may have with you. It means committing to love, not being cavalier and non serious about relationships. I could go on for a while longer but what is the use? Decency is dying in America. We have annointed a man who in every manner of defining decency fails to live up to its meaning. As his continuous demonstration of habits and behaviors unbecoming to humanity and not representative of the America I know go unchecked, we fall deeper into the abyss of indecency, making it acceptable to be a Donald Trump. As we become less informed, more hypocritical and immune to truth, we become worse than many could have imagined. As leaders continue to put money and power ahead of what's right, we redefine a once great nation and enter an historic period from which we may never rebound. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?