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Monday, September 17, 2018

It was only High School...So what?

I am so sick and tired of those people who suggest that alleged sexual predatory behaviors in high school are just the raging hormones of young men acting out under the influence of alcohol. These idiots say, no big deal. Well it is a big deal. I am 64, retired, taught HS for years and I can tell you that groping women, forcing them to have sex against their will (rape) is neither normal nor epidemic. Most young men I know avoid such despicable and inappropriate behaviors. They know better, which makes those who do not, guilty of unacceptable actions that should not be easily forgotten or forgiven. I was in High school. I never considered violence or aggressiveness toward a young girl. I raised a son. He never considered such actions as normal. It is time to stand up against this cavalier approach to such behavior, real or alleged. These behaviors are abnormal, disgusting and outside the boundaries of adolescence and adulthood. If we succumb to such thoughts and normalize them on a long term basis, we will get more trumps and forget who we are as a human species. Brett Kavanaugh may be innocent, I doubt it, and he should be treated fairly on this matter, but Dr. Ford deserves to be heard and loud voices must condemn the prospect that this is or was normal adolescent high school behavior. IT IS NOT. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Not So Fast

If you despise trump, as I do, you might feel like gloating. This was by all accounts a bad week for him. Talk about the mid terms and the dimming prospects of continued Republican control may boost the spirits of those who believe that the absence of moral character, the dangerous unhinged nature of his narcissism, the lack of any intellectual capacity and the utter indecency that is pervasive in this man, but I say not so fast. I have seen this game played before. Talk about record turnout when it doesn't occur. Talk about an active youth movement, and it never happens. Confidence in your candidates and your ground game, with no real change. Confidence and then letdown, excuses, punditry, analysis and blame. If you look at reality, another conservative justice will be confirmed, the base of 35 percent will remain unwaveringly in trumps pocket. Republicans wont dare confront him regardless of new indictments and new information. After all, no one is surprised anymore. He is a mob boss, a thug, a bully and an idiot, but his party is in the majority and even decent Republicans feel he remains the vessel for them to continue their assault on anything that speaks of fairness and compassion. Earning the biggest prize of my contempt, is Susan Collins who remains a woman who pretends moderation and compromise, goes on TV and then caves every time. Even her ACA vote was based on a promise that never materialized and she stands by while trump erodes any prospects for expanded and better healthcare. So all of this is happening in the summer, when people aren't even watching. As we get closer to November trumpublicans will boast about another justice confirmed, point to the positive aspects of this fake economy and scare us about illegal immigrants and for all the talk of a trump meltdown, an existential threat to his Presidency and how the people will end this nightmare, Not so fast. Apathy remains the root of all evil in this country of ours. Millennials will likely stay home, uneducated white men will vote Republican. White woman while their wellness is stripped before them, will vote Republican. The wealthy will vote Republican and gerrymandering is still an advantage to Republicans. So before we get on our victory pedestals and say democracy works because the people do what's right, remember that we are a deeply flawed people, influenced by selfishness and ignorance. There is nothing I want more than a blue wave, a dismantling of this President and a return to decency, but I say to my fellow anti trumpers, Not so Fast. Where are you Americans for reason and truth.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Obstruction of Values

Much of the news, particularly followed by pundits and more aware citizens, is about the potential Obstruction of Justice charges that may be coming against Trump. This fervor of expectation is so troubling to the administration, that they have dispatched a totally unhinged Rudy, Devin and Hannity who do and say anything to try and soil Mueller and his investigation. The IG report today, does nothing other than support the reality that Comey hurt Hillary but Trumpers are using it to enhance their deep state fiction. I say stop. It isnt about Obstruction of Justice until and if there are charges. It is, daily, about Obstruction of Values. Where are our values? Where is our protection for children, our championing of human rights, our support for the right to vote, our condemnation of enemies and aggressive support for our friends, where is decency, honor, telling the truth and not saluting ruthless murderous dictators? As the Republican party continues to enable Trump without any regard for the true values of America, we are being embarrassed around the world and fed abject, dangerous lies. This is pure Obstruction of Values, not subject to legal proceedings, but only dealt with at the ballot box is what should concern us most. Where are you Americans for Reason and truth?