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Sunday, November 4, 2018

What If?

On Tuesday, there will be millions of people who rely on Medicaid, pharmaceuticals, good roads, improved infrastructure, good schools, food assistance and healthcare that will willingly and actively support a political party that has vowed to reduce or take these benefits away from them and avoid spending money on needed improvements. This has been the case for a while, but this mid term election makes this stupidity even sadder and more dangerous than ever. These folks will vote for candidates that support massive tax benefits for the wealthy leaving very little for them. These are also people who are less educated and less informed than those who view things differently. In an effort to further solidify their loyalty, they are being scared to believe a massive invasion from the south, by darker skinned terrorists and lepers is coming to destroy their way of life. To these people I say, sorry for you. You are lost. To everyone else, you have witnessed a Presidency for the last two years that had doubled downed on racism, narcissism, lies, indecency and hate and many have stood by in the name of party loyalty. This Faustian bargain, however, has had an opposite effect in practice,for the many things that the Republicans told us they were about. Things like free trade, deficit control, family values, decency, stuff like that. These have been ignored. Very little of what traditionally comprised the Republican party has come to fruition and while this happened, we have been witness to one of the most corrupt, inhuman and indecent thugs ever to preside over our country. I wont continue. Instead, WHAT IF we honored the Constitution and put the desired checks and balances in place? What if we split government like in the past and reigned in this ignorant, narcissistic fool? WHAT IF we stopped our government from taking away healthcare, demonizing public education, cutting benefits to pay for the tax break for the wealthy and stopped the onslaught of lies and conspiracies? WHAT IF we returned to the values of decency, honor and truth? WHAT IF? We may actually feel better and begin to correct the mistakes of the past two years. Not if you sit on your ass we wont. VOTE BLUE. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Saturday, October 27, 2018

An accessory to Crimes

In law, if you aid and abet a crime, you are considered an accessory and subject to punishment in accordance with the law. Donald trump did not march with neo nazis in Charlottesvile. Donald trump did not mail the pipe bombs to his political opponents and Donald trump did not shoot and kill 11 Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh. Donald trump did not shoot and kill the journalists at a Baltimore newspaper. Donald trump did say there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville thus sending a not so subtle message to white extremists that their behavior is acceptable. Donald trump did tell his supporters that Hillary Clinton should be locked up. Donald trump did say George Soros, a Jew, is leading a "globalist" agenda, a loud and well known dog whistle of anti Semitism. Donald trump did call the press the enemy of the people and applauded the violent body slamming of a journalist by an elected Republican member of the House. Anyone who denies that his words and his actions are not emboldening and giving a loud voice of acceptance to extremist, violent lunatics, is hiding from the truth. This President, like no other, is aiding and abetting the hate, the violence, the bigotry and racism we are seeing currently. As such, he is an accessory to these horrific acts of terror. Perhaps we should "lock him up"? Vote Blue, regardless of your political loyalties. It is about our soul, about decency, acceptance, respect and truth. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Psychologists will say, anger is destructive. It serves to only induce stress and cause us to react irrationally. trump is an example of such irrationality with his angry mob tweets as he deflects toward Democrats. trump has used anger to describe women unfavorably, you know that angry bitch stereotype. trump uses anger to induce fear such as drug running illegals crossing our open borders. He uses anger to stoke the uneducated to hate his opponents and lies non stop with angry tweets, anger against Muslims, NATO, allies, Mueller and on an on and on. However, I disagree that anger is a bad emotion. In fact, anger induces action and can create change. On November 6th, we should get angry, we should act, we should vote. If you do not like that children are separated from their parents, get angry and act. If you don't like your health being politically used to hurt you, get angry and act. If you don't like seeing women disrespected and ignored, get angry and act. If you don't like that trump supports and loves dictators while mocking our allies, get angry and act. If you don't like the direction of the Republican party that explodes deficits with unpopular tax cuts for the wealthy and promises to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid blaming the elderly, the sick and the poor for such deficits, get angry and act. If you don't like the mocking of disabled people or those with darker skin, get angry and act. If you don't like corruption in our Cabinet or a political party that has forgotten its check and balance role, get angry and act. If you don't like the fact that a journalist can be hacked to death and your president does nothing about it other than support the murderers for some dollars, get angry and act. If you don't like lies about the economic issues facing the middle class, get angry and act. If you don't like America losing its prestige and influence around the world, get angry and act. If you don't like the fact that the president disrespects those who honor us at the Justice department and FBI and courts of law, protecting us against corruption, collusion and obstruction, get angry and act. If you think trump is an inhuman pig, deserving of all the contempt and hurt he so richly deserves, get angry and act. Anger can be good, it can be constructive, if used during desperate times. We are facing desperate times with a government that has chosen power over right, power over people and money over values. GET ANGRY, AND ACT. Vote Blue, Or Else. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?