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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Does it Matter?

Let us suppose that Sequestration was the total brainchild of President Obama. Let's suppose he cajoled and influenced Congress with such pressure, that they voted for it against their will. Let us suppose the President was solely responsible for the mess. Does it matter? Does anyone believe that when this idea was proposed and approved, that it would be lived up to? It is most accurate to say that no matter who thought it up, it was intended as a wedge to move the parties to negotiate a better arrangement. It was designed to get a responsible group of legislators together and come up with an idea, which they failed to do. We are at this point now, not because of the idea, but because of the mutual inability for our House Republicans to work with this Democratic President. Bob Woodward may win on points for a few days, but America loses big time. Instead, his story should be on the effects of the real situation and not on the blame game that sells his books. This isn't Watergate Mr. Woodward. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Speaker Boehner was elected by 246,378 Americans. There are 315 million Americans. President Obama was elected with about 63 million votes. Yet, Speaker Boehner is assuming the role of obstructionist and blamer in chief. Today he blames the Senate for inaction on Sequestration. This Speaker took his House on vacation for crucial days that could have been used to resolve this House Republican controlled mess. When a single House member can fly in the face of the nation in the manner by which Speaker Boehner is, there is something radically wrong with the way modern politicians are interpreting the Madisonian model of Democracy. Speaker Boehner is known to less than 20% of the country by name, and was elected by less than .1 percent of the nation. He needs to realize who he is NOT working for, everyone other than Ohio's 8th. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Monday, February 25, 2013


President Obama had a resounding victory in November both in terms of electoral votes and the popular vote. The Senate picked up seats for the Democrats, and gerrymandering notwithstanding, Democrats got more votes in House Elections and did pick up a few seats. On matters of guns, immigration and taxes, the people of this nation do, according to polls favor overwhelmingly, the path laid out by the President. In addition, the President has reached his highest favorability rating in a long time, while Congress remains mired in an all time low of popularity. You would think therefore, that the voice of the people would prevail. It is not. The intransigence of the Republican party and their continuous quest to embarrass and show vitriolic hate and disrespect to Barack Obama is palpable and obsessive. They are only hurting the country and ultimately themselves. This latest crisis, sequestration, no matter who thought it up, was intended to force responsibility with cuts in spending. It was passed by Congress in such a deliberately unpopular way, that the thoughts were that after the election, reasonableness would prevail and we would look like a country whose government works. But no. The Republicans are so distraught over losing an election they thought was in reach, that sour grapes are keeping them from governing. They may think that in the end the nation will blame Obama, but they couldn't be more wrong. So, my Republican friends, for your own sake, get a grip. Help yourselves, but much more important, help our nation, the one you supposedly love. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Last year the Republicans ran around the country yelling "Repeal Obamacare". Well, that didn't work out for them, but it did do us a big service. It reminded us that just like Congress has the power to make law, it has the power to repeal laws it has passed. The sequestration, which is about to occur and everyone seems to hate, while everyone is trying to assign blame, is the law of the land as of March 1st. So, repeal it. Congress can. The President is likely to support that. Get back in the negotiating room, and act like adults. It is so easy that it hurts to see these elected imbeciles put ego first and country second. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Simply Amazing

The Hagel filibuster attempt, first in history has been reported by many and admitted by some in the Republican party as payback or revenge for the past Senator's disagreement with the neo cons in his party. He was against a war that was fought by our brave soldiers under false pretenses with cost of blood and treasured human life. Those policies were policies of madmen, who concocted reasons to go to war. Those policies have finally been proven wrong and this Presdident will end the second costly war next year. Chuck Hagel has the experience and wounds to show for it, to be an outstanding, reasoned and careful Secretary of Defense. This is what our nation wants and needs....not the continuation of failed, reprehensible policies of aggression that neither work nor should be pursued. It is simply amazing how these lunatics wish to rewrite history for the sake of their own egos. A pox on them all. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reagan and Bush and Disengagement

I believe that history will realize in total, that the Reagan and Bush 2 Presidencies were filled with examples of aloofness and disengagement. Reagan did not properly secure our barracks in Lebanaon where 330 were lost and Bush failed with 9-11, having ignored certain warnings and signals and certainly he blew Katrina where New Orleans flooded while he kissed Brownie's ass. The Republican outrage over Benghazi, and the loss of four lives is simply an attempt to cover up for their own past ineptitude. The loss of life and the mistakes made are regrettable and sad. They are deserving of scrutiny by their government and the number of private and public hearings on the matter have been transparent and frankly disproportionate. Lindsay Graham and John McCain's hatred of this President clouds their ability in all aspects of their lives. To suggest an absence of engagement on the part of this President is not only false and unbelievably inaccurate, it is just plain hate. These two along with Prick Cheney(no typo), represents the worst of our country's politics. Americans outside of the tea party, racists and haters will have none of it. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Bullies Unite

Yesterday the bullies of the Senate who supported the failed Iraq War, who accepted the lies of the Bush Administration, who cavalierly accept the death of men and women in battle, many who have never worn a uniform, piled on the nominee for the Defense Secretary. Previously one of their own, Chuck Hagel was inappropriately grilled by the scum of the Senate, men who are trying to hang on to failed policies that Americans left behind long ago. Whereas his performance may have been less than crisp, the piling on was so dramatic and so mean spirited that I was left supporting this man more. He has been selected to depart from these imbeciles and their views and that is what he should have done...spoke about his disagreements with them. Instead, he tried to appear more like them than he is. As such, he looked indecisive, but this does not negate his abilities not will it derail his confirmation. This nation, for once and for all needs to derail the abject dishonesty and failures of neo con versions of American foreign policy. Once the public flogging and its aftermath fades into history, perhaps those who still support War and more war, will take their place into the box of irrelevancy.