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Sunday, May 21, 2017


There is a Seinfeld episode where Jerry decides to return a blazer for spite. It fit, there was nothing wrong with it but he just wanted to spite the salesperson. The manager said "you cant return it for spite". This was a funny episode but our President rules over our land with spite. Without thought and without any knowledge about policy or impact, if it is related to Barack Obama, it goes. Why? Spite. Trump is threatening not to pay insurance companies the money due them for providing care for those in need of financial subsidies. This is bad policy, bad humanity and solely due to spiteful, hateful ignorance. Can he get worse? Yes. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Will of the People

We had an election. Trump won. Republicans are scared to do anything because they feel the will of the people will be breached. Well yes, for 35 percent of us. But 35 percent of us would vote for a Nazi sympathizing racist criminal who supports cannibalism. We have a certain group of people like that and they do not represent the will of the people, but they do represent votes, votes these Repubs don't want to lose. They wont. Repubs will always own the crazies. So here is a lesson about the will of the people. It fluctuates like the wind. Remember Obama? Won big in 2008. Amazingly popular and loved. He had the will of the people behind him. And then? 2 years later we were impatient, he was too slow to deliver, he must be punished. He was. Lost the House. Dems got crushed. A new will of the people. We are an impatient and often ungrateful lot, we Americans. We want change but don't like it. We want tax cuts but want our medicare. We want food stamps but mock the poor. We want, we want, we want but we hate government except when it benefits us. We are human and being human involves a bit of selfishness. We are, however largely moral. We know right from wrong and after we make petulant, often stupid decisions, we rethink. We shift. Right now we have a President who tried to stop an investigation and probably gave intel. to Russia that while not illegal, may have been strategically dangerous. And that was this week. What I am trying to say is that Republicans shouldn't worry that we picked Trump on November 8th. That's a lifetime ago. Remember that the will of the people picked Obama twice but the Republicans said it was the will of the people to wait to pick a justice with a new President. We can spin this will any way we want. What is more important than our will, often based on who we are angry at today, and not the best barometer for doing what is safe and what is right, is our Democracy. Right always prevails, our will shall follow. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?