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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt Romney Cannot Learn

It is no surprise to my followers that I hate Mitt Romney as a candidate for President. I think he would be awful at the job and although I have looked for it, he has not been able to make any case for replacing President Obama. In fact, he is making the case against it, more and more each day. He simply cannot learn. He cannot read an audience. He cannot make a decision that isnt manufactured for him and again, he cannot learn. His gaffe at the Olympics may be fodder for the British press and of no consequence on our shores, but his transparent attempt at getting some Jewish votes by his ludicruous bluster and lack of information about our history with Israel is just plain frightening. I am an aggressive supporter of Israel, but I also know that Israel is a democracy, with free speech and an aggressive press. I have seen Israeli officials publicly argue for settlement building in opposition to American foreign policy. I have seen Bibi Netanyahu embarrass our President by meeting with a Congress that has not been helpful to Mr. Obama. The danger in Mitt Romnney is that yesterday he announced that he would never support speaking out against Israeli policy. He exhibited a dangerous and naive understanding of foreign policy and that kind of amateurishness would threaten our national interests. The moderates in Israel as well as the Palestinians, other nations and our own electorate are watching Mitt Romney. He is simply looking for every way possible to suck up to the neo cons, the tea partiers and the moderates all at the same time while dangerously proposing and spewing inaccuracy and frightening ignorance. This won't work. Americans need to wake up to this transparent man, with no conviction, no real vision and no idea what the hell he is doing. Yes, he is banking on economic failure but he is also risking his own chances by his obvious inability to learn. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Failing Grade

The European Financial crisis was not of America's doing. Even Mitt Romney would agree to that. With so much of our manufacturing capacity going for European consumption, obviously our growth would be affected and it is. But, in this country, in every state and almost every community, there are bridges, tunnels, airport runways, schools, hospitals and vacant properties just waiting for construction and improvement. These many well worth it projects would ensure a brighter future for our country. This infrastructure initiative as proposed regularly by the President has stalled in the Republican dominated House and filibuster prone Senate. There is just no way these buffoons can allow the President any success. The nation be damned. As I see it, while the economies of many other places confront serious recession, the U.S. continues slow growth which is evidence of our strength and power as an economic engine. The politics of this great land however are getting in the way of all that is good and hopeful and needed. A failing grade....depressing, deliberate and unnecessary. I call for a Constitutional amendment for a one term six year Presidency. Only then will these bastards in Congress do the people's work. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mitt's Real Problem

It isn't a coincidence that Mr. Romney will not release at this moment, further tax returns. Even thought past campaigns have also had such a distraction as a momentary focus of the media, the difference is that we have not had such a rich man's man leading his party to the nomination. Mitt Romney is rich beyond belief. Where Obama watches basketball, Romney cruises Lake Winnepasaukee on his boat. Nothing wrong with this other than a man who claims to be for the middle class and Main Street, cannot seem to get out of his own way. I have often railed against those Americans who are too ill informed to vote for their own interests and would rather support a party that has abandoned equity and opportunity for all but successfully hides beyond the large government rhetoric. There is one thing that is sure, most of us regardless of party do support the wealthy giving more and do support the elimination of special advantages for the rich. Mitt Romney has taken advantage of these advantages as his tax records would show and with Obama ready to pounce on this hypocrisy, Mitt has figured this to be a fatal wound. He is right, but he is wrong that we will get off his back about it. Tough being scrutinized huh Mitt? Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yesterday I called an orchard in New Jersey to hear the picking schedule for some local fruits and vegetables. A friend of mine gave me a heads up that it was time to pick some peaches. On the recorded announcement the message given alerted me that there would be no corn to pick. I didn't think much about it until I got into my car to drive somewhere and lo and behold, Bloomberg news was doing a report about corn. I was so taken by it that I decided to blog about it today. I had no idea the extent that the corn crop in this country can impact so many different issues and I will save the best ones for last because of the politics involved. The corn producing states east of the Mississippi have been experiencing an epic drought and temperatures in the hundreds over the last two weeks. As such, corn plants are not being properly or adequately pollinated. This is reducing the corn yield by billions of bushels. Less corn means that a major food source will be limited thus raising prices of it and related items. Beyond that however, corn syrup, high fructose sugar, cattle feed, ethanol proudction, tortillas in Mexico, soy beans as a substitute for corn thus limiting our supply globally, gas prices due to the ethanol component and the economic reality of the farmer facing such a crisis are only some of the issues being affected along with my inability to buy it locally. Incredible just how much corn impacts us all and the world. Farmers, generally are one of the more conservative and republican party oriented constituents. Many are beginning to admit that global warming may indeed be impacting the current situtation thus flying in the face of many in their party, elected officials in many cases, who deny the reality of climate change. Additionally, 70 percent of crop insurance policies are from the Federal government and the payouts will be extraordinary thus adding further burden to the taxpayers and the debt. How many of these farmers, from red states, wish to forfeit their policies in order to reign in government spending? How many red state senators from states affected, are willing to stand against the farmers and continue to deny global warming? What would Mitt Romney say? Where are you Americans for reason and truth? Sorry about the corn.

Friday, July 6, 2012

June Jobs

The summer is always a down period for politics. People are interested in other things. Pundits take vacation, investors invest less, and Americans worry about some rest, time off and outside activities. Only the cable operators and political spin machines are busy. Today's jobs report will be dissected and argued over by both candidates for President but all this noise is meaningless. The difference today, on an economy with 165 million jobs, between gloom and hope is 25,000 jobs. This amount is almost a statistical irrelevancy but those watching will be treated to extreme analysis on both sides of the philosophical aisle. Here is my analysis. The job creators have record wealth, but are tepid in their hiring. Not because of an overregulatory government but because of a world economy that is still struggling. In our country, 4 million jobs have been created in 3 years versus 8 million lost during the recession. 84,000 people found jobs last month and this fills a football stadium. The prior month was revised upward by 7000. For those working, they were given more hours, thus more disposable income and gas prices continued to decline. Our economy is growing, not receding, and a slow and steady pace still beats a recession any day. So if you want gloom, you can find it. If you want hope, it is clearly there. The Dow is almost 13000 and it was 6000 a few years ago. I will happily take the progress. If a ship is sinking and about to capsize but then brought upright, I will take that Captain any day. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Inappropriate Conclusion

Mitt Romney has stated after days of his advisors explaining things to him that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was wrong. Romney said Roberts did not come to an "appropriate conclusion". What training or legal background or Constitutional experience does he have that gives him credibility with his analysis? NONE. Typical Romney. A man with no vision, no ideas and no understanding of the nations' needs. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?