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Friday, November 8, 2013

Obama's List

What does President Obama want: -he wants a healthier America where health insurance is a right, not a privilege. -he wants America to be free of violent entanglements in other Middle East nations. -he wants an America where business opportunities exist here and not abroad. -he wants tax incentives for small businesses to be able to compete with improving nations throughout the world. -he wants an infrastructure that is top rate, with bridges that aren't crumbling. -he wants to cut the deficit, in fact he has. -he wants a banking system that is fair and doesn't take advantage of a vulnerable public. -he wants the threat of terror reduced beyond the already incredible successes. -he wants investments in community colleges. -he wants low interest loan money available for college bound young men and women. -he wants a public education system that can compete with the nations of the world through incentives for good performing schools and investments in teachers and teacher training. -he wants internet availability in every classroom. -he wants ideas for improving our nation no matter who or where they come from. -he wants gay Americans to have the same rights as all other Americans. -he wants women to have the right to make judgments on their own reproductive choices. -he wants an America that is great for generations to come What do his enemies want? None of the above. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?