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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Now What

I have not been able to post since election day. I have been frightened, amazed, angry, disappointed and totally disgusted with my fellow citizens. I am not angry at the stupid ones, who do not understand, who listen to demagogues and liars because they are too dumb to know any better. I am angry at those who either do not think there is a difference or who are smart, but so focused on one selfish interest or issue, that they set aside all the other realities and amazingly think "oh, it wont be that bad. It really doesn't matter much" I am angry at those who stayed home and didn't think exercising their right to vote, something to be cherished not squandered, was important. And so it goes. The same drumbeat of apathy, cynicism and ignorance. Already, only two days in to his Presidency, the man has sent his Press Secretary out to lie for five minutes about the size of an inaugural crowd. He has professed love for the very agency, only a week ago he assigned Nazi like tactics to. His speech, was dark, divisive and not reflective of this great country. So now what? We watch him destroy himself, little by little, each day, showing even his supporters how totally wrong they were. I only hope he doesn't destroy We the people, before he destroys himself. Resistance is at the heart of American patriotism and we need organized, consistent resistance every single day that we have a Monster in Chief in office. Thank you ladies for getting us off to a good start. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?