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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Crazies

I am no fan of Senator John McCain. He never saw a war he didn't like. He brought us the idiot Sarah Palin and his positions from being a maverick to a supposed conservative have shifted with the political winds more often than most. However, he does from time to time speak some sense. Recently, he spoke of the Trump candidacy as one that is bringing out the "crazies". The Donald as he defends his over the top comedic and disrespectful statements, has asked for an apology to these people. So who are the "crazies"? They are the ones who: -Defend the Confederate Flag as a symbol of patriotism -Call for the killing of doctors who perform abortions. -Support vaginal probing women before they can decide to terminate a pregnancy. -Tweet racial profanity to our President. -Call for guns for students in college. -Try to stop people from voting on the grounds of their political affiliations. -Re write textbooks making slavery almost non existent in the history of our nation. -Are members of the KKK. -Threaten the overthrow of government because of a military exercise in Texas. -Mock higher education as elitist. -Want to rewrite the Constitution so that natural origin excludes children of illegals who were born in the U.S.A. -are extreme members of the Tea Party such as Louis Gohmert and Steve King. -Are really stupid and dont know any better. They are not reflective of American values but make up a stubborn 20-25% of our electorate. They are not deserving of an apology. They are deserving of our scorn. Senator McCain is right....they are the "crazies". Additionally, Senator McCain is a war hero. Trump is an embarrassing ass and unqualified to be anything other than the circus clown he is. He is not worthy of even my puny little unimportant blog. Good Bye Donald. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

John Lennon Lives

This blog has been silent for a few months, waiting for the right time to jump back in. Now that the Clown Parade of Presidential candidates has pretty much been scheduled, its a good time in my opinion. John Lennon to our great hopes and dreams once sang "All we are saying, is give peace a chance". Today, President Obama took a step to honor Mr. Lennon. Before his speech about an Iranian nuclear deal was finished and before the ink on the pages of the agreement dried and without even seeing it, members of the Republican leadership along with some of the clowns on their side of the Presidential election condemned the deal as a failure. The leader of our greatest ally Israel, Mr. Netanyahu, who has been trying to run American foreign policy through his Republican proxy called it an historic failure. For these transparent and hateful people is one alternative....more war. I do not need a lecture about Israeli security from South Carolina's Graham or the Speaker of the House, both with no cultural or ethnic association with the Jewish State as do I. The vitriol and hatred coming out by these buffoons the day of this historic attempt at a chance for peace is even more stunning because they haven't even read the deal. They keep saying we need a better deal. But what deal is that? Do they have one? Can they control the intentions of the other five collaborators? NO. It is irresponsible and shameless. If, Iran blows it, if they cheat, if the USA gets verifiable intelligence from Israel or its own actions, we can always do what the Hawks want. Drop the bombs. Nothing in this deal stops us from using force. Perhaps, just this once, we can try another way. Give peace a chance. Where are you Americans for reason and truth?